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How can I check if my SIM card is activated? 如何查询我的手机卡是否激活?

Telstra: Enter your SIM serial number, Click Check serial number button. 上图所示,输入手机卡卡号,点击查询手机卡卡号。无法下一步继续,代表此卡已经在使用中,激活完成。✅   如果可以继续下一步操作,那么表示此卡还未激活,需要激活操作。如下图所示: If you can proceed to the next step after checking your SIM card serial number, please follow the activation tutorial video to activate your SIM card step by step. If you encounter a 'something went wrong' prompt during the activation process, please wait for 5 minutes and then try the operation again. 发送自助激活操作视频给客户,正常客户可以在3分钟内完成激活。 如果激活过程中遇到Something went wrong, 请等5分钟后再来重新操作一遍。 Boost:(same as Telstra) 访问上面官网,操作和Telstra一样。 Optus: Enter your SIM number and Click Validate SIM button to check. 有提示信息说明此卡已经激活。 如果无提示信息,走到第二步(2 of 5),证明此卡未激活。如下图:    

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Where can I find the SIM card number?

You can find these 13 digits followed by the numbers 89xxx on the back of your SIM card. Lycamobile AU SIM card: Optus SIM card: Vodafone SIM card: Telstra SIM card: To activate your SIM card, you will need to provide the following items: 📱 Mobile phone SIM card 📒 Passport  📧 Email 🏨 Hotel address or Home address Start activating your mobile phone card: Insert your new SIM card into your device.Switch on your device. Check the SMS content and click on the activation website link address according to the prompt information. Follow the website prompts to activate step by step. This process may take 3~ 5 minutes to complete. Manage your service: To recharge, check your data balance or access...

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Troubleshooting 故障排查

| Troubleshooting steps Step 1: Is my mobile card activated? Confirm the customer’s SIM card number Is the activation date correct? Consult the customer’s specific location Check the network signal to avoid the customer’s phone displaying SOS or no signal status Choose one of the following methods: Package test: If you can query the package, it proves that the card has been activated successfully. Dialing test: Call your friend. If you can communicate, then activation is successful. SMS test: Send a text message to your friend. If they can receive it, then activation is successful. Usually, there are operator SMS notifications for both unactivated and activated mobile cards. Internet access test: If you can access the web, then activation is...

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