Trangia Mini Trangia
Trangia Mini Trangia

Trangia Mini Trangia

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Product Description

TRANGIA Mini Trangia

  • One saucepan 0.8 litre in aluminium
  • Lid/frypan Ø150mm in non-stick
  • Spirit burner
  • Windshield and handle
  • Item:15.2x6.4x6.4 cm
  • Weight:353g

Ultralight Aluminium

a lightweight material with excellent heat conducting ability. The Ultralight (UL) alloy, also called 5005, is 50% stronger than “regular” aluminium (alloy 1050). This means that the pots can be made thinner, which makes your stove lighter without losing any durability or functionality. UL suits many users who want a simple, functional and long-lasting stove.